General Transcription

General Transcription Service

Our General transcription services cover your Transcription Needs for all types of non-dictation files like meetings, conference calls, interviews, seminars, focus groups, documentaries, oral history projects, speeches, sermons, podcasts, etc. With our support for a wide variety of digital audio and video files and flexible file transfer options using web and FTP, there is no need for mailing tapes, CDs or DVDs. In addition, we can provide conference call recording facilities for you to record your interviews, seminars etc. and transcribe them. We can also provide captioning and subtitling for your video making us a one stop shop for all your video and audio transcription needs.

Guaranteed Accuracy

We have a big pool of highly qualified and trained transcribers to take care of your transcription work. Each file is transcribed by an experienced transcriber who then passes the file over to a proofreader who review the whole file thoroughly. Finally a quality control check is performed on the file before it is finalized and sent back to the client. As a result of this 3 step transcription-proofing-QC process, you get an accurate transcript each and every time. However, the final transcript quality is a reflection of the audio quality. As such if there is poor audio, it will reflect in the transcript quality as well. We do however timecode each and every “inaudible” word so that it is easy for you to go back and review the transcript with the original media file.

Free Trial

Why should you have to sign up and/or pay for something which you are not sure of? We take the guesswork out of the equation by offering you a no strings attached free trial. Simply send us a file and we will transcribe a ten minute file segment free for you. Yes, the transcript is totally free for you to help in evaluating our service. We are confident that once you receive our free trial transcript, you will sign up and become a regular user of our Transcription Services . So come on and give us a try now.


Our voice transcription service provides you flexibility and control at each step. You can sign up online and start sending files whenever you like. You have wide variety of file format choices for sending the files to us. We also offer you choice in terms of formatting and will use your templates, letterheads etc. at no additional charge. There are no set up or monthly charges and you pay only for what you get transcribed, that too only after you have had a chance to review the transcript and approve it. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, wire or check.